Good Intentions

Today while Noah and I both drowsed in and out of consciousness in my bed, Jas decided to take the other 3 children outside...under the pretext of Not Bothering Mama and Noah.

While they were outside Jas decided to get a little home improvement job knocked off his To Do list.

Bad Idea.

As he rushed to turn off our water pipe at the street, he realized that breaking our water main with a shovel was not a good idea.

I first heard about The Incident when Elisabeth (a.k.a. "The Informant") came to report to me: "Daddy is frustrated out there. And he is dirty. His boots are all wet and muddy...he needs to take them off before he comes in the house. He broke the pipe and had to run and turn off our water...and he is really frustrated out there!"

Praise the LORD that Jas got it fixed in pretty quick order (we were only without water for approximately 4 hours) - with only ONE trip to the local hardware store.

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