Pecan Festival

It was that time of year again.

Time for our town's annual Pecan Festival!

In May, our town's park is home to the Summer In The City, and in November we have the Pecan Festival.

So Saturday, we headed to the city park (one whole mile away from our house) and we had fun. FUN. FUN!

Literally within 2 minutes of arriving at the festival, Daniel had already won a scrumptious-looking Rocky Road Cake at the Cake Walk!

Way to start our visit to the Pecan Festival, Daniel!

The kids (especially Noah) enjoy looking at all the vehicles in the Car Show:

But Noah would only stand by the Turquoise vehicles...

because that is his current favorite color.

The kids talked their friend Michaela into posing in front of this truck with them.

I'm honestly surprised that they got that close to it.

It was covered - covered - in animal pelts and...


Dead, scary-looking animals.

But we did manage to escape from the car show area and and go ride ponies....

And then while Daniel....

...and Elisabeth jumped on the Bungy ride....

Noah and Lily Kay decided to take it a little more easy.

Yes, this was one day after LK's scare at the same park. I did not let her do the Bungy (she would have loved that!) Was I wrong to let her do these activities?

With all the energy we expended, we needed to refuel with some of the health food they offered at the Pecan Festival...

(see, Alison? I do sometimes get pictures of the kids with their eyes closed)

This picture didn't turn out great...that would be yummy Funnel Cake that Jas is holding. After I snapped this pic, I put the camera down and he shared with me!

Pecan Festival 2010 - a raving success. This annual festival is definitely another item on my List of Things I Love About Living in a Small Town.


  1. Would you know that we missed it again!! We should really plan better. :)

  2. We live in a small town too (just west of Indianapolis) and love it. There foisotball homecoming, the annual chili supper, 4th of July picnic, etc.

    Looks like you had a wonderful day. Hope Lily Kay is doing better.

    janet and gang



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