Our Littles Memorizing James

I mentioned in this post a few weeks ago that we are memorizing the book of James over the course of this school year.  I assumed "We" meant the oldest four children and I.  But just hearing us review the verses at mealtimes, G has picked up quite a bit!

He shocked us when he started spouting off verse...after verse...after verse.

I finally captured him on video...

(We are using the ESV translation.  Also, it may look like Gabriel is reading the verses...but brother doesn't even know all of this letters yet...I promise he is not reading.)

And....not to be outdone.....

Abigail wanted to give it a try after Gabriel got done.  She actually does have the whole 1st verse memorized.  (Watch how she asks for the index cards also (like she can read!).  And watch her "side-eye" at the 20-second mark.  And she got mortally offended when I prompted her to be done (and started BAWLING when I stopped taping):

They are watching.  They are learning.  The good and the bad.  They are like little sponges.  This is encouraging and very scary - all at the same time.

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