Hermine came through, and my kiddos thought it was actually one big party.

They all had a slumber party in our master bedroom.  Specifically they were in the vanity/closet area (all carpeted).  No widows, close to Jas and I...perfect!

You can hardly see G, but he is back there leaning on LK's lap.
The worst of it hit us in the wee hours of Friday morning, lasting until about noon or so.

Jas had a delayed opening at his bank, and one of his branches didn't have electricity.  We were so glad that daddy was here with us through the worst of it.

I was rejoicing that we never lost power...and then we did.

In the dark...watching the rain, and the trees being whipped around

And then in early afternoon, it was done.  It was clear and sunny...like nothing had ever happened.

Except well, we did have to pick up the yard.  Branches (one really big one) everywhere!

G couldn't wait to get out there to get started on those branches.  He and I headed outside to survey the damage as soon as the sun came out:

This big branch was leaning on another branch it caught on its way down, so after I set it "free" and it fell on down, G said he wanted to take my picture!

Then G kept right on taking pictures.  I love seeing things from his point-of-view:

His dinosaur boots are practically camouflaged

Yes, I let my babies run around half-naked outside

But then I got the camera back and caught G with his buddy BeBe Grace.

It was very thoughtful of Hermine to hit right before Labor Day.  
Labor Day weekend we all *labored*!!

Hauling, hauling, hauling!

And when the hauling was (finally) done...straight into the pool!

We successfully weathered Hermine, and were so very thankful for the Lord's protection in this storm.

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