Abigail's Hair This Week

This is Abigail's hairstyle for this week:

Yes, her styles can last a WEEK now.  Not just a day or two, or even three.  A whole week!  This is HUGE!  I don't know if it is that her hair is getting longer (it is 8.5 inches stretched at the crown), I am putting in styles in smaller sections and that are more protective, or if she is easier on them.  I think it is the first two...because it is NOT the last one!

It took me right at 2 hours to complete this style before church on Sunday morning.  (I am beyond thrilled that I am getting quicker and neater with cornrows.)  

But getting her ready started the day before - Saturday afternoon.  We spent about an hour taking out her previous style, 20 minutes shampooing and conditioning it, 30 minutes of her letting the deep conditioner sit on her hair (she had plastic wrap and a towel covering it)...and then I spent about 45 minutes doing the LOC method and banding it into 5 sections (already parted for this style I knew I'd be doing the next morning).

I have (finally!) begun faithfully updating the "Hair Gallery" post that is on the ride side-bar of the blog.  I want to be able to compile all of Abigail's hairstyles in one spot.  

I don't want to come across as boasting about her hair.  But, well...I **am** so proud that I can do her hair now.  There are few things I have worked so hard at in my life.  I have purchased multiple books, follow multiple blogs, belong to multiple hair/skin care groups on yahoo and FB, and have watched HOURS (and hours) of videos on YouTube.  I have learned much good and helpful information.  And I have learned (the hard way) many things I should never do again. I have cried literal tears of frustration/worry about her hair (when she was about 6-9 months and needing more done to it and I was just starting to understand all I needed to know).  I was so worried that I wouldn't do right by her, and then wouldn't be able to pass along to her the knowledge she'll need to care for and style her own hair.  I have worked long and hard to get us where we are and the fact that I am not embarrassed for black women to see her hairstyles now?  Still amazes me.    

There is still so much for me to learn/practice...but I see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

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