Miscellany Monday, August 22, 2016

This (empty) bag?

Ingredients:  organic mangoes

Saving my life right now.  

I am still trying to decipher what foods my body can tolerate - and which are contributing to my autoimmune issues (Hypothyroid).  I haven't had any dairy in months.  I only have eggs once a month or so (and I'm not entirely sure I should even be having them at all).  This is in addition to the regular things that are not allowed on GAPS (all grains, sugar, etc), because we are 6 months into doing GAPS again.  "Treats" are hard to come by with the restrictions I have right now.  So this "treat" that feels totally indulgent and "illegal" but is so totally legal?  Wonderful!

This bag of dried mango (organic, non-GMO certified) is HEAVEN for me right now.  I buy one bag a week...and I won't tell how quickly I scarf them down...


WHY had none of my (so-called) friends let me in on the "secret" of how wonderful "Fixer Upper" is?

HOW did it take us so long to discover this show?  The four oldest kiddos and I are having a BALL watching it together!  After the two youngest are tucked in bed, we head to the family room to snuggle up and watch the next episode.  

Joanna is so very talented...and beautiful (and the fact that she is 1/2 Korean is not lost on my Asian kiddos...it is nice seeing your race represented).  And Chip is crazy with a capital C!  (The ROACH!)  They are so funny and so great together and their four children are precious.  We love trying to guess which of the three houses the current couple will choose to buy and renovate.  And then we love to follow along on all the feats and foibles of the demo and construction and decorating.  

The only bad part?  We're almost caught up on the past episodes.  :(


We have about one acre of pasture that is fenced in for the cows to roam on.  They have not been able to keep the growth down in there lately.  I love mowing, so I planned to do it...but Jas said it would make more sense for dad to drive his tractor down the road and cut it for us.  

G was so happy we went with that plan.

That boy loves him some "might machines"!


Back story:  We began the process last month of trying to get Chelsea pregnant again.  We didn't like her being so big pregnant through the hottest part of the year with George Franklin...so we planned to wait a little longer than normal (leave her "open" a little longer than normal) to try to avoid doing that again.  Well, it's time now.

We were hoping that A.I. process took. 

But when I was out in the pasture with Dad and Gabriel (someone had to open all the gates to let them from one paddock to another and such), I witnessed firsthand that Chelsea is apparently NOT pregnant yet.  I will spare you the details, but GF made it apparent that Chelsea's hormones were telling him she was not pregnant.  

Jas called our A.I. Tech guy and he came out Friday night and again Saturday morning (two visits - approximately 12 hours apart - is standard procedure for the actual insemination part).

It took two rounds (exactly like this - one that was artificially prompted, and the second where she appeared to be in "standing heat") when she became pregnant with George Franklin.  We are hoping to get good news in a few weeks!


This photo was taken at church two Friday nights ago at a special worship service at our beloved church.

While I love (love!) the picture of G getting his worship on...

....when I look at this picture I see the man in the top left.  

That is Mr. Rodney.  He was helping with the AV team there in the back of the sanctuary.  We were sitting just to his right, and I noticed he was singing his heart out (along with everyone else in the room), even though he was "working".  

Two nights after this event (so, Sunday night), he and his precious wife were in our Community Group meeting.  

One night after that, he was gone.   Absent from this life...present with the Lord.

A driver going the opposite direction went off the shoulder, overcorrected, and ran head on into Rodney's truck.

We never know when.  We never know.  We must be ready.  Am I ready?  Are you ready?

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