New Sidebar Pictures

It was time.

Way past time, actually.

The pictures on the sidebar of my blog over there on the right?  WAY old.  Over a year old.  That is forever when you are talking about children.  

So the picture of 8-month old Abigail (who is 2 now)?  Gone.  To replace it, I had a hard time choosing between these two very recent pictures:

This is "yesterday" recent.

I ultimately decided on that first one.  I cropped A's face out of this sweet picture that Noah took as we left church yesterday:

Love it.  And love how much Noah loves his littlest siblings.  He was so very proud of himself for capturing this pic of them together, as well he should be.

From that same picture, I also cropped out G, so he could have a new sidebar picture also:

Not the very best angle ever, but he'll have to just be glad that I didn't choose this as his new sidebar picture....

....because it sure would capture his everyday attitude to a T.

I have a post underway about our "little" girl turning 13.  

This is one of the shots our friend Mrs. B took during the photo shoot to commemorate E becoming a teenager. 

She is so beautiful it makes me want to cry. 

Mrs. B also took pictures when Jas and I celebrated our 20th anniversary way back in March.  I decided it was time to move that picture into a sidebar picture...

 ...instead of the pic we snapped ourselves celebrating LAST year's anniversary.

Now....to go get updated pictures of the remaining three kiddos.....

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