Helpful G

Gabriel has become such a helper the past few months.  He loves doing jobs, and frequently asks me, "Is there something I can help with, mama?"

It is so nice when children are still young and think all of this is fun.

(My big kiddos are great helpers, don't get me wrong.  They don't complain (most of the time) when they have jobs or need to help...but they are just lacking the zeal that G has right now.)

Gabriel thinks the food processor is his domain.  

Carrots are the usual suspect when we pull out the food processor (anytime we make a soup, we use 5 pounds of carrots in it).

Loving every minute of it:

Look at that smile:

He also loves to put clothes in the washer...and move clothes to the dryer (although he needs help with this, much to his chagrin).

And he loves taking (small) trash bags out to the big trash cans in the driveway.  (His obsession interest in trash cans is still firmly in place.)

Back to the kitchen...

Providing three meals every day (plus snacks) for this small army is a full time job, so there are always plenty of ways that G can help in the kitchen.

Getting pineapple chunks onto the dehydrator trays

Although, depending on the particular project, more of Gabriel's "work" may go in his mouth than I might like.

As absolutely delicious as fresh pineapple is (YUM!), dried pineapple may be better.  We call it God Candy!

And sometimes, our little kitchen-helper may not be properly attired.

Just out of the bath, you can see that G is all shiny from being lotioned up,
which means he smells all yummy and chocolatey!

But with my need to "take all the help I can get"...

...I am NOT picky about clothing.

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