Recent Homeschool Group Happenings - Field Day and Okefenokee

For the last several years, our homeschool group has hosted a Field Day near the end of the school year.

A different mom organized (single-handedly I believe) the events this year, and did just another fantastic job!  (She must just have lots of time on her hands, because she only has 7 children, ranging from 6 mos-13 yrs old...yes, that must be the explanation  :)

One event that Elisabeth was greatly looking forward to, and even "trained" for:

The Jump Rope Contest.

And her training paid off!  E won the competition (by ONE jump), having completed 89 jumps in one minute:

There was also a Three-Legged Race:

An Egg Toss:

(The eggs for G's age were hard-boiled (shhh!)...but the rest were not)

There was also a great scavenger hunt, a pie-eating contest (that we passed on), and a relay race that even A participated in (with funny "legs" to the race).  

I could kick myself for not capturing pictures of the 100-meter dash.   G won in his age division...it was so precious to watch!


We also were able to visit the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge Center recently.  This was our first visit, and it was really neat.  

First, they had a class set up for us, about different reptiles.  

And then we got to visit the pioneer cabin on the Chesser Island Homestead.

We also took a walk out on the "boardwalk" to a tower to get a great view of the swamp.  Now I can't remember for sure, but the boardwalk was either a mile roundtrip...or two.  (Probably one.)

I didn't used to be scared of heights, but this was a little scary to me!

We all made it to the top...and were rewarded with quite a view!

And of course, all along the way, as we walked and even as we drove, we spied wildlife everywhere.  


G was beside himself!

A snake just beside the boardwalk...not far enough away for my liking

We had a great time, with great friends....

....out learning about God's great creation!

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