Our Business Trip to Orlando - 2016

We just got back from a business trip to Orlando.  Daddy's business was to attend breakout sessions on banking...our business was to swim and have fun.  Everyone did their respective jobs well!

Thankfully Jas doesn't have to travel very often...but THANKFULLY, when he does have to travel, we usually can tag along!

The children were sooooo excited about this trip...talking about it for weeks.  Gabriel caught wind of the trip a few days before hand...and couldn't stop talking about our trip to "Atlando."  (Combining Atlanta (from our last business trip) with Orlando...so cute!)

Even Sissy was excited.  Here she is loading up, a few minutes before the Silver Bullet pulled out:

We stayed at the Orlando World Center Marriott.  This was our view from our 12th floor balcony:

Noah - who swears he's going to live in a "big city" when he grows up - loved this!  (He is fascinated by cars and highways, and there are more of both of these in big cities.)

This hotel was absolutely HUGE.  It seriously took walking at least half a mile (inside the building, thankfully) and then taking a pedestrian walk across to the parking garage, to get to our van every time we came and went.

But this hotel had wonderful attractions, like a "Splash Zone" for our two youngest (although all of us enjoyed it):

I unfortunately didn't capture any pictures of the 2, 200-ft slides, and the 90-foot "speed" slide.  (I didn't go on any of these...but Jas got to go with the big kids one evening.)

We also took our usual trip to Downtown Disney (it's free!), now renamed Disney Springs.  Abigail now loves the Lego store as much as her bigger siblings:

This is photographic evidence of how to waste money renting a stroller when there is a miscommunication (lack of communication, actually) and the stroller that is placed by the van to get packed, in fact does NOT get packed for the trip:

(Except I actually consider the money I spent on renting this stroller to be very well spent.  The six children and I would not have been able to stay/enjoy our visit to Disney Springs at all if we hadn't had this!)

How is it possible that I have a new group of little ones to help on carousels...

...while I have four bigger children who only want to watch and take pictures??

We did not take our usual trip to IKEA, but instead tried a new venue: Universal Citywalk.  (It is free, but its parking is NOT, we found out the hard way, and it was a total hassle getting in and out and I don't believe we'll do this again.)  But the children were dying to get to the Universal Studios Store to look for Harry Potter paraphernalia (Jas has been reading the series aloud to the older four and me after the babies' bedtime at night.  We are thoroughly enjoying it!)

After a grueling (to me) 2.75 weeks of doing GAPS Intro, we were back to doing full GAPS right before we left on this trip.  This means that I packed LOTS of food.  We only ate two meals out, and they were both at Sweet Tomatoes (this was our children's first time going there and they loved it as much as Jas and I do, hence our second trip.)

Since the whole reason we are there is for Jas to attend the banking conference, he is busy pretty much the entire time.  We were there for 3 nights/4 days and the only things he was able to do with us is have dinner with us one night, and play in the pool with us for 2 hours another night (before he had another function to get back to).  But we are so blessed and so thankful that we get to tag along on these trips, that our family otherwise couldn't/wouldn't take!


  1. Looks like you all had fun!! And those Disney strollers are awesome!



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