Miscellany Monday, April 18, 2016: Random Kiddo Stuff

So Daniel has been sporting this for a while:

And hopefully he will only be sporting it for a little while longer.  

He hurt his left thumb catching a basketball in our driveway.  It sounded like he just jammed it real good when he told me about it.  But the next day, his palm was bruised.  Wha?!?!  Yuck, it hurt real bad and was swollen.  And being the good mama that I am (ugh!), I finally took him to the doctor about 2 weeks after it happened.  (We didn't think it was broken and just kept thinking it would heal on its on!)  It is not broken, but sprained real good.  D has handled all of it like a trooper.


G-man and Mrs. Christie in our homeschool group have a love/love thing going on.  When she told me recently that her son had some hand-me-down boots for G, I thought that was great.  But when they turned out to be Alligator boots?  G was beside himself!  "Are those for ME!?!?!?"  I asked him to pose so I could take a picture for Mrs. Christie...and this is what he busted out:


Remember last year when we had the fluke when a cardiologist at Noah's appointment listened to Gabriel's heart (just playing around) and heard something unusual?  Noah's cardiologist said to just bring Gabriel in for his own appointment when Noah had his next annual appointment.  Well, that happened Friday.  

Gabriel was such a big boy! He loved all of this:

Checking his blood pressure and pulse ox.

Getting an EKG

The great news is that after listening to G's heart for himself and reading the EKG, Dr. E didn't even feel like an echocardiogram was necessary.

But G didn't have the same opinion of this turn of events.

While G was watching Noah get his echo,  he asked, "When will it be MY turn?"

Me:  "You don't need an echo after all.  That is a good thing."

G: "That is NOT a good sing.  I want a turn too!"


And lastly, I have begun finding all sorts of interesting selfies on my phone lately.  Wonder who the culprit might be?

Sometimes he has an accomplice...

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