Our 20th Anniversary Trip

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, Jason and I were able to go on a trip for several days.  Jason's mom flew in from Colorado to stay with the children, and Jason and I went to Callaway Gardens for three nights.  

It was beautiful, it was peaceful, and it was relaxing.  It is off-season for the gardens, so there were not that many people there. 

Jas and I got to drive around, check things out...and basically do whatever we wanted to do.  We ate whenever we wanted to eat.  We went to bed when we wanted to.  We did not even set our alarm clock in the mornings (gasp!).  (You know I was still up at or before 7 every morning, though.)

We read ALL THE SIGNS at all the exhibits we went to.  

Inside the Butterfly Center, where there are approximately 1,000 butterflies from all over the world.

We walked/hiked around some.  It may have been off-season for many of the gardens attractions, but it was perfect timing to see beautiful azaleas in bloom (seen on the hill in the background of this picture):

Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel.  BEAUTIFUL!

Jason surprised me with a crazy-extravagant visit to the spa at Callaway Gardens.  Herbal soak, body polish, foot treatment, scalp and body massage.  For almost 2 hours.  Yes, it was totally and completely wonderful...and I felt totally spoiled by my sweet hubby!

Mine and Jason's idea of heaven-on-earth is a good bookstore.  So we also spent some good time in one of those.  Browsing and then reading for as. long. as. we. wanted. to. while sipping on something yummy.  Ahhhhhh.  (Jas even took a little doze...he's so cute - and tired, apparently.)

We even had time to see a movie...at the theater.  (When was the last time we did that?)

It was a wonderful, special time with Jas...and I am so glad we were able to take this trip!

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  1. Love it! Glad you guys enjoyed your time together.



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