Cinnamon Yummy Healthy Tea

Jason and his coworkers exchange presents every year at Christmas.  Most of the presents passed around are of the homemade variety (I love that!), everything from cookies, to candies, to BBQ sauces, to jellies.

We're always on the lookout for something yummy and healthy that we can share with Jason's work peeps.  Two different years now we've filled (many!) little amber bottles with homemade vanilla.

This past Christmas we decided on a treat that has become a favorite with our family this past year.

I labeled it Cinnamon Hibiscus Nettles Reship Tea on the gift tags...but around here we call it "That Yummy Cinnamon Tea."  Very specific and original, I know...but we all know what we're referring to.

I like to keep a gallon pitcher of this in the fridge at all times, so that we can grab a yummy and healthy, refreshing option when we're thirsty.  We've never actually tried this tea warm, but I am sure it would taste great that way also.

Everyone got in on the Tea gift-making action (except Jas...hmmmmm), with a big assembly line on the dining room table.  

We put the ingredients into the jars in pretty layers...and included tea balls with the jar, in case the recipient didn't already have one.  (And in case they wanted to make the tea in very small batches, which does not happen here.)

I can totally see by the set of my jaw that I was working hard to be patient with Gabriel's "helping"...but I did so good and let him continue!  (Spoiler: It does not come naturally to me to be as nice and patient as I would like. I have to work real hard at it.)

And...because I am totally anal...I included a very verbose gift tag, that had directions on one side...

...and educational info on the other side.  (read:  "Why-you-do-want-to-drink-this-stuff, because-not-only-is-it-totally-yummy, it-is-very-good-for-you-also!"):

I normally keep a jar of the tea ingredients already mixed in our cabinet...but ours is not in pretty layers:

I fell in love with both of these tea recipes (here and here) over the past couple years...and then once when I was premixing a batch to keep in the cabinet, I accidentally switched around/combined the recipes in my head...and a new favorite was born:  Cinnamon Yummy Healthy Tea!

This Cinnamon Tea has four ingredients:

Nettles are high in iron, Hibiscus and Rosehips are high in Vitamin C...and your body needs Vit. C in order to absorb the iron. Cinnamon is healthy...and just downright yummy also!

I buy the ingredients in one-pound bulk bags from our co-op.  

I go ahead and make a gallon at a time (too much for a tea ball), so I just dump the ingredients in my 8-cup measuring cup...

...pour boiling water to cover it...

...and then let it sit, covered:

I cover it to keep all the healthy goodness of the herbs in the tea

Then I pour the tea through a large strainer into a one gallon container, and add 1/4-1/3 cup (raw, local) honey.  (I let it steep for differing amounts of time: sometimes I make it just before bed and let it sit overnight, sometimes for just an hour or so.  It takes a bit more arm power to incorporate the honey when it has cooled down...but you don't want to add the honey when it is still hot, or it will kill the live goodies in raw honey.)

Wow, who took this totally lop-sided shot?!?  

To pre-mix a batch of the ingredients to keep on hand, combine:

Cinnamon Yummy Healthy Tea

2 parts Nettles
1 part Hibiscus
1 part Rosehips
1/2 part Cinnamon Chips

To make one serving of the tea, use 1 tbsp of mix.  Or, if making a gallon at a time, use one cup of the mix.  

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