Chickens Are Not Vegetarians

The proud claims of "Vegetarian Fed" on cartons of *expensive* eggs always makes me shake my head.

A few minutes after I let the chickens out the front of their coop to free range for the remainder of the day, Elisabeth called out excitedly to me, "They are fighting over a dead frog!"

So what did I do?  (of course)

Grab my camera and start snapping away.

A New Hampshire had the frog when I first got out there.

And they all had quite the game going.




And they were all moving fast.

Photographic evidence that when left to their own God-given devices, chickens are not vegetarians.

A Black Australorp got it....

...and quickly ducked under the wooden fence to the front yard...

...where she could enjoy (ew!) her "prize" in peace.

But when she saw G and I coming, she took off again, before I could tell her, "Ms. Hen...

"...I *promise* I do not want to take your prize away from you!"

When I posted some of these pics on FB - along with my amazement at the "Vegetarian Fed" claims -  a (super smart) acquaintance who runs a CSA had these insightful words to share:  

It is supposed to indicate they have not been fed chicken parts, chicken litter, or other CAFO waste in their dark, crowded, hellish barns. It ends up catering to ignorance because chickens are omnivores. They should just label it "only fed stuff chickens should eat" or "not fed chicken parts or poop"... our food supply is so messed up. God help us.

Here here, and amen.  Yes, God, please help us.

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