Several weeks ago our friend Marc posted a funny t-shirt on FB, and I tagged Jas, thinking it was *hilarious*.

Well, guess what showed up in the mail a few days ago, after Jas ordered himself one?

Some women may be offended by this.  Maybe I should be?  But, naw...I am way too crazy to mind being called out on it.

I am, ummm...high strung.  That is a nice way to put it.  Take that natural bent, add in some peri-menopausal hormone wonkiness...and you have...ME!

Jas is laid back.  And funny with a capital F.  He makes me laugh all. the. time.  Which comes in handy when raising a family and homeschooling six children while being a high-strung ISTJ.  I need Jas.

We make such a good team.  Thank you, Lord, for my husband, who knows I am crazy...and loves me anyway.

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