Our Wild Adventures

We have become fast friends with the M family.  Our 6 kiddos fell in love with their 7 kiddos at church, and came home begging us to have them over.

We did.  And we have been eating/playing with them on a regular basis ever since.

When both of our daddies and oldest sons went on our church's men's retreat, Cathy and I got crazy and decided to take the remaining 11 children to an amusement park for the day.  

We had a big time.  A BIG time.  

There was only one incident involving blood.  And only one incident involving vomit. 

A resounding success!  A good time was had by all!

Getting ready to pull away from their house:

I love how all the children love each other, and help with one another...even (especially!) children of the other family.

And these two 3-year old boys...

...are too much.

I asked them to let me take a picture of them hugging on each other....

...so they took turns putting each other in head locks.

This is the photographic evidence that Noah asked me to capture of Daniel "enjoying" this particular ride:

I don't like that ride...and it doesn't like me either.

I did, however, do the Tilt-A-Whirl 3 or 4 times with children.  Gabriel loved it!

And approximately 14 hours after the Silver Bullet pulled out of our driveway, it quietly drifted back in...full of one tired mama, and five already-sleeping children.

We had a wonderful day...and we are so very thankful for our friends, the M Family.

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