Miscellany Monday, October 12, 2015: Bagging Up, Clothes, E's Jaw and A's Hair

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Chelsea has begun to "bag up" in anticipation of the new calf's arrival.

Well, I hadn't seen anything yet.  Here is the previous "bagging up" picture....

...and here is what Chelsea looked like Saturday:

Yowza! That makes me hurt just looking at it!

3 days until the official due date, but I'm assuming that cows - like humans - can go early or late.

We'll see!


I love when the seasons change.

I hate don't care for changing out children's clothes for seasons.  

I have finally finished with all six children...and the house has (mostly) recovered. 

This is what the family room looked like when I worked on Gabriel's clothes.  Yes, this is just G's clothes:

We have been SOOOOO blessed by hand-me-downs....it boggles my mind.

Many of the clothes G will wear this winter are from our little friend Will, the youngest child of my dear friend, Vicki.

As we pulled things out of the bin, Gabriel would pick each piece up and bury his face in it and give it a big sniff.  Gabriel quipped, with his southern twang, "This smells WONDERFUL!  Smay-el it!  It smay-els like Wheel!"


Several weeks ago Elisabeth yawned and heard (and felt) her jaw pop.  It has hurt ever since.  Sometimes she has a hard time opening it much to eat.  Sometimes it hurts to smile.

We were seeing Dr. Kathy for our monthly chiropractic adjustments, and after checking out E's jaw (and having me feel how it hinges) she urged me to get her into the dentist.

So this morning, we did just that.  And after hearing the story, and feeling the joint at work (it is wonky with a capital W!), Dr. Matt (who has 7 kiddos, including four born in China), fitted E with a temporary appliance, a "deprogrammer":

He says her temporomandibular joint (TMJ) has been affected, and is inflamed...and this appliance should help give it a rest so it can heal.  

Elisabeth is supposed to wear this just as much as possible (awake and asleep) over the next week.  All the children had appointments there next week anyway, so that works perfect with Dr. Matt taking another look and seeing how things are progressing.


During A's most recent hair washing/conditioning session, I couldn't help noticing how long her hair is getting:

Her hair is slathered in homemade coconut milk, olive oil and honey.  As some ran down her face,
she licked it...and I didn't even have to worry about it!  

Of course, as her hair dries, it shrinks right up (the shrinkage is really incredible, actually)....but her beautiful coils are getting longer....

...which means my baby is getting older and bigger!!


  1. I think your boy has more shoes than my husband, lol!

    1. Shecki Grtlyblesd, I don't have that many shoes either! Haha! And we did not buy ONE single pair of those shoes...we are SO blessed with hand-me-downs!



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