Do You See What I See?

Chelsea has started to "bag up"!

 This means that her udder has begun to fill.

We have 17 more days until her official due date, and I imagine we will spend more time studying cow "girlie parts" over the next few weeks than I ever hoped/imagined I would...looking for signs that the calf's arrival is imminent.

Look at how the right side of her belly is sticking out further than her left.
I would love to see how that calf is situated in there!

As much as I love the children learning science in a hands-on, real-world kind of way...I honestly am hoping that we miss the birth.  I have been praying (seriously) that one morning when Jas goes out to feed Chelsea and T-Bone that the new little one is just **there**: happy, healthy, running around and nursing like a champ!

If we are there for the birth, we wouldn't know if what we are seeing is normal anyway, and I am very certain that I would spend the whole time nervous and wondering if we need to call our vet out, or - God forbid! - intervene ourselves somehow.

If this prayer makes me a bad homesteading mama, I can deal with that!

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