She Grew!

It was time for LK's every-4-months Endocrinologist appointment.  So we loaded up and headed down to the state below us.  

Getting ready to pull out for the 1.5 hour drive (one way), LK is holding her transformers to play with on the trip.

Let me back up:  Two weeks prior to this appointment, LK had a blood draw, so we could discuss the results at this appointment.  We didn't use any numbing cream on her arm(s)...and she did great!  LK is (unfortunately) a seasoned champ at blooddraws!

(Noah was headed to our church's men's retreat with daddy, so he missed this fun appointment.)

Elisabeth grabbed the camera and told us to pose.  I assumed she would zoom in (like I would do) and my bottom half wouldn't be showing, hence my ridiculous pose.  We have laughed and laughed about this picture!

The great news:  Everything is looking good and LK does NOT need daily growth hormone shots!

Lily Kay's CAH has been giving us fits off and on for the past couple of years, and she hasn't grown enough to make the doctor real happy.

We were very concerned about this in June, when her doctor was ready to start growth shots, but gave us a few more months to see if LK would start to grow.  

The three blood test results we got back were all within appropriate ranges, so no medicine dosage changes.  And LK had another Bone-Age study done.  There was some discrepancy between how the radiologist read the BA (11y0m) and how our Endo read it (10y)...but our Endo was happy with the results.  

LK was so thrilled with the news that she did a celebratory jig outside the doctor's office:

G wanted in on the jig action too.

I hadn't realized how very anxious I was about this appointment....until it was over.  I couldn't stop smiling...and felt like I could breathe again!

The Lord is good and perfect no matter our circumstances...but I sure do love it when He orchestrates the circumstances in a way that we love!

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