Miscellany Monday, September 28, 2015: Fall, Baby A, and Deja Vu

Fall is officially here, and it has been feeling GREAT outside!

Our morning "P.E." time has been looking like this:

I am always so ready - and so thankful - for each new season as it rolls around again!


With it being so Fall-ish outside, Noah was ready to get our (little bit of) Fall decorations out - he even got in the attic himself to retrieve the bin.

Mrs. Lynn gave this arrangement to me six years ago when I had surgery...and I think about her (and thank her!) every fall when we get it back out!

Daniel is in charge of keeping these mums watered - and they should be extremely thankful that I am not in charge of that!

Happy Fall, Y'all!!


Elisabeth's mentor Mrs. Marissa gave birth to their first baby.  

Baby A was born about 15-20 feet from here, in a wondrous home birth.

Elisabeth and I took the adults something to eat, and then we were extremely honored to get to "babysit" Baby A while Marissa got her first shower.

Elisabeth and I (mostly) played nice about taking turns holding this precious girl!


Elisabeth has recently begun taking cotillion classes...and she is loving it. 

That previous sentence doesn't properly convey Elisabeth's true feelings:  SHE IS LOVING IT!!!

The next three younger children do NOT share Elisabeth's enthusiasm for things like this....

...so we have told them that if they listen up and learn what Elisabeth is so eager to share with us when she gets home from her once-a-month classes, then they won't have to attend themselves!


I haven't done this particular style on A in several weeks, so I was shocked to find that her "bangs" area is now long enough for the flat-twist-into-a-regular-twist to make it back into one of her puffs.  

So cute!  The only problem is that it makes her look older.



When the six of us were loading up to head to Wally, we heard very loud "BOOM...BOOM"s!    

And it was like "Deja vu all over again!"

Turns out that the power line in the pecan orchard across the street busted. Again.

We got to see the electricity arcing between the lines (scary enough that I called 9-1-1), and finally blowing the electricity, as the two sides of the line fell to the ground.  

Thankfully it was raining at the time, so this time it didn't start a fire (like it did last time):

We had fun watching the trailer bring a "Mighty Machine" to clean up some of the resulting mess...

parked in our yard, and left big marks, thankyouverymuch

Thankfully our electricity was only out for about 1.5 hours....

...and then our rural electric company came to the rescue!

The hero in the cherry-picker made quick work of the repair.

It amazes me how much I take for granted, and how quickly things (like NO electricity!) can throw a monkey wrench in my nice, comfortable life!

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