I Love It When He Does Stuff Like That

The Lord always takes care of my needs.  Always.

And then sometimes (many times, actually), He takes care of my wants.  Extra things that aren't a necessity, but that I love and that just plain make me smile.  

I mentioned this book on the blog not too long ago.  And I mentioned that I should buy it.  

And then...I didn't.  Money is always spent very reluctantly and deliberately around here.

And then my sweet friend Brandy texted me: did I own the book yet?  No.  I want to...but no.  

Well, she had ordered one, but received two by mistake.  They told her to keep the extra.  Guess who the Lord brought to Brandy's mind...and she blessed it with!  WHOOP!  

(And it is good, btw.  I have had to slow down, to take it all in.  I don't normally read anything more than once...but I already have plans to go back and read this book again immediately...with pen and paper in hand!)


I love flowers.  Love them.  They make my heart happy.

Flowers don't love me.

I don't water them like I should, and here in the blazing hot deep South, that means my flowers don't last long.  

And seeing as how I don't like throwing money away, I decided NOT to buy any for this planter this summer.  So the pot of dirt just sat there...mocking me every time I walked past it in the driveway.

And then look what the Lord did!

Not one, not two, but THREE things started growing in that pot.  

Turns out Daniel started throwing Bebe's old water into the pot, and this stuff sprouted up!  Not exactly "volunteer" flowers, but close.  

I had a Kimberly Queen fern in there a year (or two) ago.  And I had the petunias in there over a year ago.  Neither lasted terribly long...because I am terrible.  

And I don't even know what that third specimen is, but it sure is beautiful!  The buds close up every night, and then open up again every morning when the sun comes out.

I smile every. single. time. I walk past the pot.  Thank you, Lord!


  1. Gorgeous!! God is so good....all the time! Miss you! ❤️

  2. I think the third plant might be moss roses. Remind me to take a look next time I'm at your house.



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