Miscellany Monday - April 13, 2015: A Gift, (Good) Internet, Good Friends, Etc.

This was ready to publish over 24 hours ago - when it was actually still Monday...but our internet....

Stop, Joli....take a breath....

This is actually rather ironic, given the second topic of this week's Miscellany post...


I finally finished the gifts for Jason's mom and my mom.  We gave Linda her present while we were in CO...and (ugh!) I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished product.

My mom's birthday was a few days ago, and this is what we gave her:

It has three open spots: two for Reese and Davis...and an extra one just for good measure.


The cavalry showed up last week!

But instead of riding horses, they were riding machinery....

...and more machinery...

....and more machinery:

Their modern-day version of a "rescue"?  Burying cable all through our yard.

Amen...and WOOHOO!

We are so terribly excited at the prospect of having good internet again, we couldn't contain ourselves.

We watched....

...and I took lots of pictures of the progress.

When this guy that I'd just talked with a few minutes before spotted me taking pictures from inside the kitchen, he started waving big:

It must feel good to be such a hero.

They have been all over this outside part of the work....

...now for someone to come and do the inside part of the work.  Not much longer now!


I just started a bible study with the other women at church Thursday night.  It is a study of the book of James, written by Beth Moore.  I am so excited to be digging into another bible study, it's been quite a while since I felt I could do one.  

I actually {hangs head in shame}, did this same study a while ago.  Just over three years ago, to be exact.  But Gabriel had just arrived, and while I did attend the weekly meetings (with wee little G-man in tow), I didn't actually "do" the study.  I simply. couldn't.

I am now ready to "do" the work.  I have thoroughly enjoyed digging in the past few mornings, and I can't wait for more - I love the book of James!  I can't wait to see what the Lord teaches me and the other women through this in-depth look into His Word.


I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had some new friends over for supper.  

The 13 (collective) children have been asking ever since when we're getting together again (ok, the youngest three haven't done much asking, but the rest of them sure have!).

So, the M family had us over to their house Friday night.  And just like when they were here, time flew, and before we knew it we had been there for almost 5 hours and it was way past everyone's bedtime!

We had such a good time!

This pic is missing the youngest two M family kiddos - their 2yo and 5 month old

The children played kick-the-can (outside), monopoly and Nerf-gun wars (inside the house!).   They live in a house that is just over a hundred years old...and it has about a hundred fascinating rooms, and all the character and quirks that come with an older house.  Us parents talked until we were all blue in the face...and we still didn't get everything talked about!

G has already asked when we can go back to the M's house.  It didn't hurt that they have two super-cool drum sets, a regular one and an electric one:

G and Mr. Tim had an impromptu jam session:

What an encouragement it was to talk with Tim and Cathy.  They have wisdom and love for Jesus oozing out everywhere.  We are so thankful to the Lord for the way He provides good friends!


We finally had to bid farewell to our washing machine.  It gave us almost 18 years....not bad.  Especially considering that the last 10 years we had begun to demand more (and more!) from it.

Why we finally decided to pull its plug:  We couldn't run a "large" load, just a "medium" load, or the water would just continually fill and empty the drum...never actually running the wash cycle. It would literally do this for hours (ask me how I know...ugh!).   And for the past year or so we've had to keep a paint-stirrer-stick stuck in the knob to keep the machine on.  And still, it had recently taken to just shutting itself off whenever it felt like it...the crochety old thang.

It could take hours to get a load finally through the washer - and that just wasn't working for our family!

So, on Saturday, we headed to a local used appliance place here in our little town.  We have purchased an extra fridge from them in the past and really appreciate them.

So now we have this new beauty:

"New" being a relative term.

It actually appears older than our almost 18-year old dryer...but I am loving it!

On top of the dryer is a coin and a stray lego piece from the last load.
Am I the only mama to find such in the laundry? Prolly not.

It's in great working order, has a 3-mo warranty, was a great price...and I can't believe how fast the wash gets done when you have a machine that actually stays on.

Move it or lose it...you've got to earn your keep around here!

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  1. That washer will last forever. We had one just like it and it was wonderful...until we got a new one to "save" on water. Our water bill was so high in town that it did help with that....but we (we=hubby lol) have had to repair the "new" model like at least 4 times already! I know that if we would have kept the one you just got it would have lasted forever. They don't make it like that anymore!



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