Miscellany Monday, Monday 2, 2015: A Gift, Hair Talk, and a Great Fieldtrip

That new store that just opened in the town next to us?  Well, we were back there on Saturday afternoon again.  Again, G wasn't invited...and D decided to play legos instead...and daddy held down the fort.  But the rest of us went, and had a ball for over two hours again.  And sissy slept through a good portion of it on my back in the ergo again.  It was nasty, rainy...so almost everyone within a thirty-mile radius was in there with us.  If we hadn't stopped to talk to so many friends who also happened to be there, we might not have been there so long!

I'm starting to think that it may not be a good thing that this store opened so close to us.

But in the meantime...I'm having fun!  And I'm making things for other people...isn't that nice??

For instance.....


I pinned a gift idea for my mother-in-love over two years ago.  I want to make one of these for my mom also.  Well, now that this store is near and I can peruse and gather the supplies at my leisure, the time has drawn nigh that I actually make these gifts!  (Because I actually make and try all the recipes and projects that I pin...yes, sure...right....all 4,297 of them (not. even. joking.  About the number part anyway.)

Our trip to CO is coming up fast, so I finished gathering the last of the supplies that I will need for Linda's gift 

Purple paint (because that is Linda's favorite color, hands down)
Bling (because she is a blingy kind of girl)
Lots of cute little clothes pins, because, well...Linda needs lots of them

Any Pinterest addicts fans might be able to look at this collection of supplies and know exactly what project I have in mind.  

I can't wait to see the finished product...and I hope Linda loves it!


Is this not the sweetest face....ever?

Those cheeks are truly as nibble-worthy as they appear.  And considering that the homemade lotion I use on her has cocoa butter in it, she truly does smell like chocolate.  Scrumptious!

But, hair.  I want to talk about hair.

We recently hit on what I think is my favorite hairstyle on sissy to-date:

I'm still not happy with my parts...they're not as crisp as they need to be.

Two, two-strand flat rope twists.

This style kinda, sort of lasted for two days.  The back twist fared very well.  The front one had a harder time.  It got too loose, just through regular wear-and-tear...which in 7-mo old terms means:  rolling all around on the floor, apparently on her head.  I can't/don't want to pull too tight on Abigail's "edges", because that can pull the hairs out of her scalp.  Permanently.  So I ended up re-doing the front twist for the second day.

This style may have lasted longer than two days, except sissy then got her fingers into the beginning parts of the twists, and pulled strands totally out.  Like, sticking straight up in the air.  That is an immediate foul re-do.

I've read time and again that little black girls just learn very early that they aren't allowed to play with/mess with their hair.  We're working on it....


We went on an excellent fieldtrip with our homeschool group on Friday, to a Wildlife Education Center at a nearby(ish) University.    The children learned a lot.  I even learned quite a bit, in between helping with my two youngest and talking with my friends (I have always readily admitted that our group is every bit as important for me (and my sanity) as it is for my kiddos!)

Corn snake

The tour lasted 2.5 hours and we cycled between five different areas, ending with a live raptor demonstration.
Red-tail hawk

Barred owl


I am sooooo thankful that we went on the fieldtrip.  I originally said we'd go...and then about five days prior to the trip, I told our coordinator we weren't going after all.  And then a couple days before, I changed my mind again.  It just sounded so cool that I didn't want the children to miss it.  And I'm so glad we didn't.

It is just hard for us to do something like this.  Hard.  I cannot do it all by myself.  But thankfully, I don't have to.  My oldest four are such a help.  And the other moms in our group are always offering to help....and steal sugar!

And the other girls in our group?

I am just so, so thankful that Elisabeth has these girls...they are great girls:

And they sure do love them some G and A (when she'll let them hold her):

It totally took a village for us to do the fieldtrip on Friday...and I am so very thankful for the village that the Lord has surrounded us with!

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