Noah's Language Arts Assignment - He Sees My Heart

I am impatient. 

Way more often than I'd like, I speak in a voice louder than I should. 

Way more often than I should, when I do say something that is fine to say...my tone of voice is not fine.

At the end of every. single. day. I can recollect multiple things I did or said that day that I wish I hadn't. 

And at the end of every. single. day. I can recollect opportunities I missed where I could/should have said something encouraging and loving.

I am so very far from being the mom I so desperately want to be.

Noah recently brought me his Langauge Arts assignment to review.  His task was to describe someone.

He chose me.  

I'm recording it here as a reminder for ME:



Intermediate Language Lessons #182 

1: Sweet. 
2: Loving but firm. 
3: Not short but not tall. 
4: Not overweight and not under nourished. 
5: Very patient and understanding. 
6: Doesn't mind if I am a car freak. 
7: Doesn't mind talking about cars. 
8: A good cook. 
9: Best mom ever.  
10: Stubborn (like me.) 
11. A woman of good character. 
12: kind 
13: sharing 
14: Not at all the kind of person that is aways focused on themselves. 

15: Very forgiving.  

16: A child lover. 
17: Very pretty  

My Mom is all the above


Noah was confused when I got tears in my eyes when I read this.  "Do you really think these things, Noah?  Really?"  I was actually incredulous because, well...the easiest parts of our days for me to remember are where I've failed.  He was incredulous at my response because, well...he just meant what he said.  It really is what is in his heart....it really is how he sees me.  

Praise the Lord - this is how he really sees me.

As Noah and I talked more about his assignment, wow - did it help me to get something into my thick skull:  

Just as my kiddos aren't perfect, but I love them to the moon and back anyway...
even though I am (so!) not perfect, my kiddos love me anyway.  

They see my heart.  They know my heart.

And so, I will go on loving them the best I know how...every ready to apologize when I fail.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I needed that today.

  2. I have tears! Oh that is so sweet and a wonderful tribute to the great mom that you are.



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