Another Countdown Chain

When our oldest four were younger we loved using a countdown chain to physically show them how much longer we had until a big event.  Big events, like a birthday, or a trip to Disney, or a trip to Colorado.  

And that is exactly what this newest countdown chain is for....

....another trip to Colorado.  

It has been almost four years since our last trip there to visit Jason's family.  Way too long.  We've added two children since then!

It was way past time to go again.  When the six of us sat down on New Years Day to talk about last year and write down goals for this year, Colorado came up.

And before you could say "Holy Roadrip, Batman!"...we had plans in place.  

We timed the trip for when our cousins in Colorado have their Spring Break.  

And Jason's dad - who lives in Oregon - has made plans to be in Colorado at the same time as us, WOOHO!

And we're driving through KS, and spending some time with my brother and his sweet family also.  WOOHOO!

And yes, as I've mentioned - we're driving!  

Yes, I know I said last time that we were driving, and then we chickened out changed our minds.  But this time we really are driving.  No seriously.  (And Noah is SO happy we're not flying!)

Gabriel kept asking me all. the. time. when we are "going to see Nai Nai"...so I thought it was high time to reinstitute the countdown chain! 


  1. It would be great to see you, even for a few minutes, if it could be worked out! :) But I understand about road trips. Last summer we drove from Colorado to Pennsylvania. I had AP friends I wanted to see in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania! Didn't see a one. LOL

  2. Another great idea! I've got to get on this for our spring travels as well. What a great visual for the littles who don't understand the calendar.



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