36 More Days!

We are big fans of The Countdown Chain around here. It offers something tangible that these concrete-thinking kiddos can see and hold to help them figure how much longer we have until an important event.

We made our newest countdown chain this morning...and it tells us we have 36 more days!

36 more days to what???

36 more days until Colorado!

I should say: 36 more days until we leave for Colorado. We won't actually arrive in Colorado in 36 days. Oh no, that will take more like 38 more days.

Because we? Are driving.

Because we? Can think of better ways to spend the money that it would take to buy 6 plane tickets to Colorado.

Or because we are glutton for punishment.

We are all very excited about seeing Nai Nai and our other family and friends that Jas and I left behind when we moved here from Colorado.

But right now? I'm having trouble gettting past the fact that we will be driving 1,600 miles to Colorado.

And then back again....


  1. We loved our road trip last summer. I think you'll enjoy it! :)

  2. We just drove to Florida and back in March and it actually wasn't too bad. BUT, our kids have been accustomed to long road trips because we've never gotten to live close to family. We're in St. Louis so if your trip takes you across MO (I-70) please let me know; we'd LOVE to help you out for a meal or night to stay.



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