Recipe: Savory Chicken Turnovers with Spinach, Onion and Potatoes

This is what Elisabeth and I fixed for our family's supper Tuesday night:

I called it "Savory Chicken Turnovers with Spinach, Onion and Potatoes".

I got adventurous when I saw this recipe in my latest issue of Cooking Light magazine. I thought "That looks yummy!". (They called it Savory Sausage Spinach and Onion Turnovers - I took a few creative liberties with the recipe.)

Yummy? Oh, yes!

Everyone really liked it! (Ok, Lily Kay - our avowed-potato-disliker - was just so-so about them)

Will I be making them again?

No Way! It took way longer to make these 12 turnovers (yes, I tripled the recipe) than this mama can spend getting supper ready.

*sigh* I don't know what I was thinking. I should have known just looking at the recipe that it was going to totally flunk one of my requirements for a winning meal:

1. Healthy
2. Cheap
3. Fast

(4. Oh, yeah...and the peeps need to actually like it!)

If you have time to spend and hour and a half getting a yummy, fancy-schmancy looking meal ready...you can find the recipe here.

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