Home...With a Bad Case of Nesting

We're home from the beach. Jas was there for almost a week...the children and I were there for 13 days. Love the beach. Love home even more.

On our way driving home from the beach we got the word that the baby has "dropped", and the birthmom "feels pressure."  So while the due date is still about 2.5 weeks off...I wouldn't be surprised if the baby comes sooner than that.

So....we've unpacked our bags from the beach...and packed new bags, for when we get the call that labor has begun!

And I'm afraid I've been about to drive my family crazy with all my nesting.  I get in a tizzy, making tons of lists, flying around doing this and that.  But they have been great, and so helpful!  It still just amazes me what a team of 6 (and a half!) people can accomplish working together!!!

I've been making lists, and menus and grocery shopping and cooking (cooking, cooking) to have extra food tucked away in the freezer.

We got the bassinet down from the attic...

 ... and put it back together.

So sweet!  

Hard to believe another little one will be in there soon! 

The bassinet is beside my nightstand...ready and waiting.

I also got down a bin from one of G's closets (yes, there are two closets in his room, PTL!).  So I grabbed the "newborn to 6 months" bin, and have had fun taking stuff out.  

The bin sitting by our bed, ready for me to go through.  G grabbed the bag of
baby toys, and has had fun playing with them this morning!

In the top of the bin are two newborn Sleep Sack Swaddlers (one for warm weather and one for colder weather).  We loved these things...definitely using them again!

Jas remembered (thankfully, because I hadn't thought of it yet) to get the infant car seat ready.

I also have the Moby wrap ready to go.  If I could only take one thing with me to go to pick up our new baby...it would be that Moby!  I heart our Moby...and hopefully this new little will love it as much as G did!

The birthmom has offered for us to be in the delivery room.  Wow.  Just wow.  The main thing will be if we can get there in time.  We'll have quite a drive...but it would be amazing to be there.

So - to that end - we're trying to do everything we can to be ready to G-O when the time comes!

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