The Conference Call

Things are moving right along.   I guess they need to when the baby is due in three weeks.

We got a call Tuesday morning asking if the conference call could be scheduled for Tuesday night. Ummm....yes!

Then we had 8.5 hours to look forward to the call. And for me to fight worry and anxiety. Wow, just...wow. What do you say to someone who is planning to let you parent their child??? This is huge. I sent out some S.O.S. texts to friends/prayer warriors and received such sweet, encouraging, truth-filled help....the reminders I needed to keep my focus where it should (always) be, and let Him handle the details.

And all of this is going on while the seven of us are smack-dab in the middle of our annual beach vacation. So in the meantime, our little troop headed out for what has become an annual jaunt to a nearby bowling alley. We had fun. It is not real pretty, but we had so much fun! G even played this year! (His turns are more of a family affair, with all four older children helping G get the metal rack in place, and a heavy ball loaded up. Then G pushes it off...and then claps for himself! Oh, I could just eat all five of them up!)

Then lunch, rest-time, beach, pool, hot tub.


We had the call with the caseworker and the birthmom. It was relatively short...and so sweet. I was overcome with emotion and thankfulness...what a blessing to be able to talk with her! (It took me ten minutes to type (and re-type) those last two sentences. Figuring out what to share and record...and what not to. I usually border on being too transparent...but I can't be when it comes to my children and their stories.)

It looks like we may have another call. Or more. Or not. And there is a possibility that we may meet with her in-person before the delivery. Or not.

The birthmom gets to call the shots: About meetings...about how things will play out at the hospital (meaning: if Jas and I will be there). That is as it should be...and we're totally fine with that.

As the caseworker reiterated a couple days ago: this is about birth mom. And baby. All the rest of us - agency, Jas and I - are just here to help.

I sound very laissez-faire, don't I? Which is not normal for me. But this is all just so big - huge - that it helps me remember something that is always true, but that i often forget: i don't know know how to best work any of this out. I am usually Johnny-on-the-spot with my lists and a plan...but the enormity of this situation has stripped me of any delusions that I know what is best and how to work things out. So...it is so reassuring that we know - and can see - how His sovereign hand is at work in all these details and timing. We just feel so blessed that He is letting us be a part of this story. We praise You, Lord!


  1. Congratulations! How exciting!!! Your big kids are going to love having a babe in the house again and your little guy is going to just LOVE being a big brudder. Watching the sibling relationships develop is such sweetness. Enjoy these thrilling few weeks and your coming babymoon. :)

    1. Thank you so much, a. borealis! You are right, our kiddos are SO excited! They've only talked about us adopting again since, oh...the day after G came home! And Mr. G LOVES babies. He will be so smitten and "helpful"! I have been meaning to reply to your liver comment since I got it last week, just been a little...distracted! I'm going to go do that right now!

  2. Hello! I feel like I already know you, since I can't find a single thing on this site on which we would disagree! From strong Christian values, to homeschooling, WAP eating, cloth diapering, etc... I came to your website after seeing your post on the WAPHB yahoo group about making the RMF for your new little blessing. I used the RMF for my first child, and I created a couple of video tutorials on youtube for other moms like you who might have questions. The main reason I wanted to contact you, is to ask if you wouldn't mind if I asked you a few questions about adoption? We are pursuing open adoption through Crisis Pregnancy Outreach in Tulsa. Some of my concerns were, how do you broach the subjects of using homemade RMF, homeschooling, not vaccinating, etc, without fear of being rejected by birthmoms who are looking for more "conventional" parents? I keep worrying that we are too "crunchy," and that if they find out I'm not going to feed commercial formula, they will freak out. I know this is a super busy (and exciting!) time for you right now, but if you find a minute, I would love to chat with a fellow sister in Christ. (All your favorite websites are my exact same favorites, too, lol!)



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