"The Call"

To post? Or not to post? We don't know how this will turn out – but, heavens...if that was our criteria for what to post, I'd never post anything! So, after discussing it, Jas and I decided to document as much as possible.

Short version: A birthmom has chosen us to parent her child!

Much Longer Version:

Tuesday 6/17/14 The children and I here at the beach, Jas back at home (at work, actually). My cellphone had sand in it and was acting cra cra (calling random people, yikes!) so I had turned it off. After afternoon rest-time was over, Noah asked if he could turn it on (I don't know why, but I'm glad he wanted to!). There was a voice-mail waiting from our agency. The fact that they called didn't have to mean anything – it totally could have been some administrative questions – but still, I almost had a heart attack on the spot. It was the Program Director for the African American program calling. I called her back, but she was in a meeting, and I had to leave a message. Then I called Jas to let him know what was going on. It took forever (it was really only an hour or two) for us to connect with her. I was trying to be patient, so I never called again after I left that message, but Jas did...and he got her! Would we be open to adopting a girl? Or did we really want to stay only in the “Boy” pool? Yes, we were open to a girl!

We now know that the program director told us some details here that were a miscommunication: She said that what had prompted this call was that a birthmom had seen our profile online and liked the diversity of our family. As it turns out, the caseworker saw our profile, thought her birthmom would like the diversity in our family, and prompted the question about the child's sex. A big distinction! But thankfully, it has all ended up being a moot point!

Jas and I decided to not tell the children any of this was going on....as there was nothing to tell yet...and nothing might come of any of it.

Didn't hear anything at all on Wednesday.

Or Thursday.

Got a call Friday morning from the Program Director: The caseworker had a meeting scheduled with the birthmom, to show her our profile book. Maybe we'll hear something this afternoon...maybe we'll hear something Monday.

5 pm on Friday – Program Director calls again: she hadn't heard anything yet...she hoped to have some news for us on Monday.

(It was not lost on me that by the news waiting until Monday, that meant that Jas would then be at the beach with us, and he and I would be together to get the news – whatever it might be.)

Saturday and Sunday breeze by with us having a great time with LaoLao and Daddy here at the beach. I thought of this often...but with peace-filled excitement, not impatient anxiety (if felt great!).

Monday – LaoLao left the beach to head home. I made sure my phone was with me...and on! The seven of us headed to the movies to see Dragon 2. (G watched from my lap, until he peacefully fell right asleep). No call.

We ate lunch and then had afternoon rest-time – with me stationed on the balcony as usual. My phone lay right on my lap the whole time, just to make sure I didn't miss a call. No call.

Noah told me our favorite parking spot had opened up in the parking lot, so I ran out there to move the Silver Bullet. I was gone for about 2 minutes.

As I walk back up to the condo, most of my family meets me outside. Jas has the phone on his shoulder, and he's holding a pad of paper and a pen.

I look at him with questioning eyebrows. He nods and smiles.

He nodded. And. smiled.
She liked us. She picked us! WOOHOO!

The children – we still hadn't told anything, but they're seasoned pros at this adoption thing – know immediately what must be up. They start yelling, “Is is Joseph?” “It must be Joseph!” And jumping up and down and hugging each other.

The program director got to give us the good news, and then gave us the name and phone number of the caseworker, who could give us more details and answer any specific questions we had about birthmom and birthdad.

We had to leave caseworker a message. Then all seven of us went out and played on the beach until the lightning and thunder scared us back inside.

While I'm in the shower (of course) the caseworker called us back. I hopped out and Jas and I had a good long conversation with her on speakerphone (as G wandered around the room playing “baskyball”).

We know the birthmom's first name and quite a bit of other info (current situation, history, medical info for her and extended family)...none of which I'll share, obviously. After our discussion, the caseworker said she'd give us a day or two to think about it and let her know if we wanted to pursue this match. We told her we didn't need a day or two...we had a peace that we should pursue this match.

The next step is that the caseworker will set up a conference call between her, us, and the birthmom. (Caseworkers are present at any/all calls or meetings, to ensure there is no coercion or intimidation, from any side.)

So....now we just wait for that conference call. Fear wants to creep up: What if she doesn't like us after the call? What if she changes her mind about us? While that is definitely a possibility, we just keep walking on the path the Lord is leading us on.

This process is very different than the one we went through with Gabriel...which was very different than the ones we went through with our four oldest. We're just trusting He will guide us at every step. The peace I feel right now is....wonderful!

Please pray for the birthmom. I cannot imagine the thoughts and feelings she must be having. I pray that His loving peace and strength would envelope her right now.

Please pray that the Lord's perfect will be accomplished in every detail. And we pray that He is glorified in and through this.

Is that it? I think I have shared and recorded everything I can.

Since the sex is unknown (baby didn't cooperate during ultrasound), we have names picked out either way. Oh, and the due date: July 15th...three weeks from today!

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