Pool Party-ing - Fun and Yummy...and it Happened to be GAPS-Friendly

We recently had the children's soccer team over for an end-of-season pool party.

I want to interrupt this message to thank the Lord again, that he saw fit to give us a pool...something I just never ever in my wildest imagination thought we'd get to have!

The whole party was Elisabeth's idea.  And she brought it to fruition...from idea, to menu to decorations.  She really is the hostess with the mostest.

And since the seven of us are still doing GAPS - and we did want to be able to eat and drink at our party - we took care to make sure all the offerings were GAPS-friendly.  There are so many absolutely yummy GAPS-friendly recipes  out there (and I'm finding more all the time) that planning a GAPS-friendly party menu wasn't hard at all.

To start with, we offered two different drinks, with the first being  good 'ol water. (The only thing special about this water was that it had been filtered through our Berkey.)

Then, we had some Kool-aid.

Just kidding!

That red drink is some absolutely yummy Pomegranate Raspberry Lemon Tea. I was specifically looking for an herbal tea that would end up looking pink or red, and this stuff fit the bill. I just steeped some bags of Pomegranate Raspberry Tea, added raw honey to sweeten it, and then squeezed in some lemon and cut up some lemon slices to float around in the gallon. Pretty...and yummy! Easy, too. No reason to resort to powdered, chemical-laden fare when it's so easy to mix something like this up!

Next, we decided to have watermelon, because...well, what summer event is complete without some watermelon? That was pretty much a no-brainer.

Next, Elisabeth made a triple batch of Peanut Butter Brownies. Just four ingredients and so yummy. Another no-brainer.

We also offered some banana chips. Crispy and crunchy...these hit the spot.

And finally, Elisabeth fixed some of our newest favorite dessert....Pineapple Whip Treat:

It totally is a dessert, but I hate to call it that because that makes it seem like it has to be naughty...and this is actually good for you!

It has been fun findings things that my family loves that are good for us and GAPS friendly over these past almost 10 months.

What I've found over and over - this party being one more example - is that there are so many yummy, HEALTHY choices (thank you for how you've provided for us, Lord!) there is just no reason to have to resort to processed and nutrient-void fare!

Another thing this party showed Elisabeth: she thinks she'd like to be an event planner when she grows up. She asked me once when she was knee-deep in making lists for the party, "Mama, do people ever get paid for doing stuff like this?". Why, yes, baby they do! Was she ever glad to hear that!

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  1. That looks so much fun! Having kids over for a nice pool party is always a great way to cool off during the summer. They look like they’re enjoying a lot as well. Great food choices, by the way. Everything looks yummy and healthy. You’re right, a pool party will never be complete without some watermelon and great food. Haha! :))
    Lindsay Wood @ Pool Shop WA



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