Joseph or ........?

So we got a call from our adoption agency.

I was out on the balcony here at the beach when I found the voice-mail. I about had a heart attack when I saw their number on my phone.

A birth mother saw our profile and "liked the diversity" of our family. (me too!)

But she doesn't know yet what she is having, as the baby wasn't cooperative during the ultrasound.

So the reason for the call was to see if Jas and I are open to adopting a girl. It didn't take us long to get back to the agency...yes, we're open to a girl!

Three and a half years ago when we first heard the Lord calling us to adopt domestically, we knew we would adopt two children. And we also assumed they would both be boys, as that is where the need usually is.

But the need? Is wherever there is a child in need of a forever family. Internationally. Domestically. Boy.  Girl.  Black. White. Pink polka-dotted.

And mine and Jason's call is to whatever child the Lord brings to us.

I don't say this to sound selfless or super-spiritual. Because - oh, wow - I am not (just ask the child I lost it with earlier). I say this and record this as a reminder to myself, if for no other reason.

Laying it all down. My plans. My expectations. My hopes. My timing. I continually have to lay these things down at His feet. And then I have to lay them down again, because I all-too-often pick them right back up.

But I'm so glad He's in charge, because He knows so much better than I do. If anyone had asked me 20 years ago (or 15...or even 10) what my family would/should end up looking like, in terms of number/make-up? I would certainly not have even imagined this. My little brain could never even have fathomed this wonderful reality that He has worked out for us.

So, whether this situation with this particular birth mom works out...or whether this was the Lord's way of getting us into the position He wants us in for the future...He is at work - He is always at work - and I'm so glad He is.


  1. Woohoo God!!! Thanks for letting us watch His glory!! So excited and praying!!

  2. SO EXCITING!!!!!! Josephine is a pretty name.....Josie for short! ;) Just sayin'
    Hugs!!! <3



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