One Expected...One Unexpected

Two of the children have medical appointments tomorrow (Tuesday).  One appointment we've had for months...one has very recently come up.

First, LK has a regularly scheduled follow-up with her Endocrinologist.  We (well, **she**) had blood drawn recently to get ready for this appointment.  We'll see how everything is balancing out, and see if either of her meds need to be adjusted.  And, we can see if the doctor agrees with what we're thinking: that the implant is still doing its job, and we don't need another one yet (please, no!).

And then Elisabeth is going to have a "Complete Audiologic Exam."  That is fancy schmancy speak for "hearing test."  I took the children a couple of weeks ago to have appointments with our pediatrician   for this current adoption.  (All 7 of us have to have doctors sign off saying we're ok before we can adopt.) Elisabeth failed her hearing screen.  The PA and ped both looked in the ear (her left one) and then had her go out and repeat the test.  Failed again.  Then they told me that she had been "borderline" the last time they'd tested her (14 mos. ago), but that she failed this time.  We're not real sure what is going on or what to make of this, but if you think of it we would appreciate prayer for Elisabeth.


  1. Will pray. Grace failed hers when we went for our appointments. I was worried due to her playing drums in the band. However, went back and she passed. Will pray the same for Elisabeth.



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