We Were Surprised...

...but He wasn't.

We found out at Elisabeth's appointment yesterday that she does in fact have some hearing loss ranging from mild to moderate in both ears.

The audiologist delivered this news as she showed me the audiogram...and immediately began to talk about hearing aids.

Wait, wait...wait!  Back up.

Our Elisabeth?  Who we've never suspected of having any hearing issues whatsoever?

We've got more questions than answers at this point: It may be genetic.  It may be congenital.  It may be stable.  It may be progressive.

Next, we have a follow-up in 3 months.  We'll meet with the ENT (the ENT we already use for Daniel), and have another hearing test to see if the loss is stable.

It always takes me a while to "process" when we have something come up - expected or unexpected - with the children's health, or after any of their surgeries.  Truthfully, I still don't quite know what to make of this...or how to feel about it.  And while I often feel like I don't handle my children's medical things well, I've thankfully kept coming back to this that I do know:  He doesn't do "mistakes."  And He doesn't do coincidences...or Plan B's.  So I'm surprised.  And confused.  But peaceful.  And I'm resting in the knowledge that He is most decidedly not surprised.  Or confused.  And He definitely has a plan.


  1. Best wishes as you work through your feelings and the best solutions for Elizabeth.

  2. Sorry to hear Elizabeth has a hearing loss. Its amazing how we are always one step away from a surprise when it comes to our health and life in general. At least you've already got the right physicians on board since Daniel too has a hearing loss. Maybe this will give her and Daniel a special bond as Daniel will be able to teach big sis a thing or two about hearing aids. Best wishes and keep us informed.

  3. Thinking of E this morning and you too~ Praying ~



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