Implant Insertion

Daniel's ENT appointment went very well. Hearing test showed his hearing loss is stable...come back in about 8 months. We're very thankful! The audiogist came out of the sound booth smiling: "He is soooo cute. AND smart." Yes, thankyouverymuch...I agree!

LK's appt with her Endocrinologist went well. We're having to tinker with one of her daily medicines some. While it is great that her "Bone age" has slowed down/stopped (her bone age is 8 yr. 10 mo.)...the growth rate of her height has decelerated too much. Such a fine balancing act. Decrease the bedtime dose of her "White Messin' ". But her Renin level is good (even though she's slowed down with the amount of salt she adds to her food)...so we don't have to change the dosage of her "Yellow Messin' ".

After the appointment with her Endo, LK and I headed to the "Surgery Center" to have her implant inserted. I mentioned yesterday that I did not really know exactly how the implantation was going to be accomplished. In retrospect, I should have pushed harder for good answers. When I'd asked our Endo a couple of times, she made it seem like a very easy little procedure, just waving her hand in the air. But, I'm now convinced that she has never actually seen the procedure done. It's a good thing I love our Endo so much, or I would really be ticked with her right now! (I am going to call her, though, and fully explain the procedure to her, so that she can help parents make a fully-informed decision in the future!)

My first clue that this might not be easy came when we showed up at the Surgery Center, and the nurse and the surgeon (looking very serious) asked if I was sure that we wanted to do this here. They'd never done this on a child so young there. They thought that LK needed to be over at the Children's Hospital across the street, and totally put out under general anesthesia. WHAT?!?!? I would have appreciated knowing that weeks/months ago. So they asked if I wanted to hold off and get her on the surgery schedule. I entertained the idea briefly, but then remembered that her medicine can NOT be late...it's not even supposed to be one day late. We didn't have time to wait weeks perhaps to get on the surgery schedule.

I will not share the details of the implant procedure. I wish I had not witnessed the details of the implant procedure. I only have hearing in my right ear (lost all the hearing in my left when I was 20 years old)...and I'm not sure I have any left in my right ear now after the screaming that LK did. She has apologized multiple times since then ("I'm sorry I scream."), to which I reply that it is totally. fine. that she screamed. **I** would have screamed if I were her.

But she was still during the procedure...and that was very important. She did great....and I give the Lord's grace all the credit for our girl being such a trooper!

And what does every "trooper" deserve after an appointment like that?

Why, whatever she wants...of course!

Which, in LK's case, means a foot-long hot dog from DQ on the drive back home!


  1. Ohhh, Miss LK, you are SOOOO BRAVE! We are so proud of you (and ya Mama)! I don't think I could be as brave as you buddy! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend free of all medical things!! Good job, Daniel! So glad you had a great report!

    Love to you all and hope next time we can all get together!

    Melissa and the crew

  2. Oh, no! Why do the Mamas pretty much have to be lay doctors to raise these kids?? Then people make negative comments if we dig around online for medical information. What else are we SUPPOSE to do??

    Your girl DEFINATELY deserves that foot long hot dog! I wasn't expecting a laugh at the end of this post :)



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