Salt, Salt and more Salt!

We recently had to make an adjustment to one of Lily Kay's medicines.

She still appears to be "Salt-Wasting", which means that she has an inappropriately large excretion of salt, despite her body's need to retain it.

It's something we've known about from the beginning and have been working on...but the last blood draw showed that we needed to work on it more.

So...what's a girl to do???

Increase the dose of the "Yellow Medicine", and...
...buy your own salt shaker!

Dr. G has told me to put extra salt in LK's food, but apparently I wasn't getting the job done. So she said to literally just let LK have her own salt shaker ...and be totally in control of it.

So, now, Lily Kay's apples look like this:
Yes, that would be salt.

It is very hard for me to watch her do this to her food - even all her fruit - but Dr. G said this is the way it needs to be.

We've made these medicine and salt changes over the past 2-3 weeks, and now we'll see if it is working. LK and I went for her to have another blood draw this morning.

Elisabeth wanted to go with us this morning for LK's blood draw, but LK said she wanted to go alone this time: "There's going to be lots of screaming!" she explained to Elisabeth (apparently remembering last time very vividly).

BUT, there was no screaming! She did great, no crying at all, and they got enough blood (just barely, but we'll take it!).

Now we need to keep a watch on LK's blood pressure, since increasing her salt this way can negatively affect that.

Whew...such a fine balancing act!

I am reminded again and again with this precious girl - with all my children really - just how fearfully and wonderfully made we really all are (Ps. 139:14). I don't know how anyone who took a science class or read a book about how our bodies work could ever come away questioning the existence of God. How could such an intricate and amazing creation not have a creator?!?


  1. He is an awesome God, creating each one of His treasures, fearfully and wonderfully!

  2. You really do have a balancing act going on there! I feel this way with Raegan (though "unbalanced" is no where near as serious as LilyKay's salt balance). If she gets out of whack with her eating/drinking, it's a negative spiral of gut issues, behavioral issues, and nice little UTI's to make things even less pleasant. Daily it's a balance. I'm in awe of those who do what they despite bigger balancing acts of their own so I know we just keep moving forward! But, God certainly has made me appreciate how intricate our bodies work!! Prayers the recent changes improve the bloodwork results!!! Blessings, Jennifer



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