Super Summary Post

Goodness...it's only been 7 days since I last posted, but it felt much longer than that.

I had not fully realized what a blog-aholic I'd become. It is such a release - almost therapeutic - to be able to let loose like I want and brag about my precious kiddos and my wonderful hubby all I want to!

Nobody HAS to read what I write if they don't want to...so I feel free to just brag all I want to!

A lot happened over the past 7 days...and if I tried to do a post for each "thing" like I normally do, I would never get caught up. So this is going to be a Super Summary Post memorializing all these things for us to look back on.

Here goes....

I worked on our Profile Book.

I went to a big annual Garage Sale with my dear friend Shanna and hit the jackpot! I was specifically looking for a bassinet...and while I didn't find a bassinet I did find:

a bathtub for the baby...

...and a beautiful little Feltman Brothers outfit...

I paid $2 for each. Amazing.

And then I worked on our Profile Book.

We bought some bunk beds. Beds I'd had my eye on for a while went on sale...so it was time!

We bought a set for the girls...

...and a set for the boys.

Bunk beds are a totally new thing for the girls, and they are loving it. Bunk beds were not a new thing for the boys, but this set will work better than their previous bunk bed for the boys and their particular room configuration. (BTW - We now have a really cool bunk bed for sale: wood, twin-over-twin perpendicular to each other, desk at one end, shelves and drawers at the other end. $250. Feel free to come look at them, but please don't ask me to send pictures because (and I could scream in frustration) I did not take pictures before we disassembled it because I took some great pictures several months ago in preparation for selling it. Can I find those pics anywhere now? NO! I really might scream...)

And then I worked on our Profile Book some more.

Elisabeth is still recovering from her strep and scarlet fever...so she and I stayed home from church on Sunday. She's doing good but her energy level is not what it should be. (I seriously think I've been to church maybe once on the past 2-3 months. Not the way I like to roll.)

And then I worked on our Profile Book.

Lily Kay had a blood draw on Tuesday. This was the longest the Endocrinologist had let her go between blood draws since she'd been home. Even though it had been a while, Lily Kay was handling it all like a pro, even saying that she would sit by herself for the blood draw (she usually sits in my lap)...

And then...

I don't know what happened...but the miracle cream was not working for us this day. Poor baby...it was hurting her and she let everyone in the building know it!

And they had to stick her 4 times to get blood. Argh! Hopefully the results will be good and we'll have a good stretch before the next blood draw.

And then I worked on our Profile Book some more.

Lily Kay got a haircut. It's precious!

Mrs. Donna was able to cut off most of the very thin part that was left after Lily Kay cut her own hair back in December.

Lily Kay received some money from Papa for her birthday...along with the promise that he would take her to Walmart so she could buy something with that money. Was. she. ever. excited!

Our frilly, girlie-girl picked out...

...a remote controlled tractor...

...and a phone...

She stores the phone in the pocket in my purse where I keep my cell phone. So. cute. And she often "calls" me here in the house and won't talk with me unless I pick up my "phone" also (the phone I use for these conversations happens to look alot like my hand, go figure).

Dad later told me that he and Lily Kay wandered around Walmart for an hour and a half. AN HOUR AND A HALF! I cannot believe he did that. I start getting real antsy about 15 minutes into a trip like that...but he didn't seem to mind it at all!

Papa also treated LK to lunch at her favorite spot during their outing. Lily Kay ate a foot-long hot dog...and part of Papa's chili dog! (And I know this last part is true because I could see evidence of it on her face when she got back home!)

I worked on the Profile Book some more.

On Wednesday I participated in prayer and fasting for Ethiopian adoptions. Please go here to read about the proposed changes to Ethiopia's adoption program...and PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION. Their are millions of orphans in Ethiopia...more need to be able to come home to forever families, not less. Our dear, dear friends Amy and Andy are in the process to adopt two treasures from Ethiopia, so we're praying for them, and joining them in prayer for the orphans of Ethiopia.

I did some more work on our Profile Book.

Jas broke the water main. Again. Yes - for those who are keeping track - that makes three times. (Post to come soon about Why Exactly Jas Is Even Messing With the Water Main)

Silver Lining - I bet Jas can fix a water main faster than anyone in our town now!

I worked on our Profile Book some more.

Lily Kay started with a fever. Again.

This would be funny
...except it is so. not. funny.

And then...(drumroll please)...I finished our Profile Book! YAY! Praise the Lord!

And now Noah has started with a fever...and I feel chilled and achy. Very. not. funny.


And that sums up our life for the past 7 days.

There is certainly never a dull moment around here...and we wouldn't have it any other way!


  1. What a fun, busy, week! I miss you, my friend...we are sooo busy.
    I had a blessed, blessed day today at Central Baptist, sold LOTS of necklaces, earrings, and t-shirts.

    Off to pack for the last session of the conference in Stone Mountain.


  2. wow! Busy busy busy! Congratz on finishing your book :D
    And i'm praying for all who are sick!
    PS: i signed the petition! (:

    Stay well (or as well as possible!) and God Bless <3

  3. Love your profile book. You are such a great family and we wished you lived closer to us! Love you guys.

    Janet and gang



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