"Shots? Blood Drawing???"

Lily Kay is in the midst of setting a record.

Since coming home, this is the longest she has gone between "sticks". It has been exactly 38 days since her last blood draw...and 37 days since her last shot. AND we still have 25 days until her next scheduled blood draw and 47 (yes, FORTY-SEVEN) days until her next shot.

Lily Kay's numbers have all just leveled out so beautifully now that the doctor said we could wait longer this time in between blood draws.

And we were having to administer her shots every month, but have now been able to switch to quarterly shots instead.

And while our precious 4-year old daughter can't count that high and does not understand calendars...she just apparently intrinsically knows that she is in the midst of setting a record.

She has said multiple times over the last few weeks:

"Uh-oh, mama, we forgot blood drawing!"

And when I reassure her that we haven't forgot and that it just isn't time to have blood drawn again yet...she then quizzes me - with arms crossed - "How many more days?"

And in regards to her shots, Jas and I administer those ourselves at home (I hold, he "shoots"), so the box is delivered to our house. And, buddy, she knows what that box looks like. And she's been looking for it lately. Two small-ish boxes have been delivered to our house in the past couple of weeks and she has hurriedly ask me "Is that my shot?!?!?" I've been so glad to tell her "no" and that we still have a long time until she will get her next shot.

As amazingly as she outwardly handles everything - from huge life changes to medical stuff - it hurts me to see how constantly aware she is of all of this and how much it apparently weighs on her mind. Much more so than I knew...

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