Some Good News

We had three appointments at our children's clinic yesterday: Daniel met with the urologist...Lily Kay with the urologist and endocrinologist.

Lily Kay got good news from the urologist.

AND she got good news from the endocrinologist. Very good news.

Her shots that we have to give her every month...we're now going to be able to give her just once a quarter. Four shots a year, instead of twelve!

Trying to explain this development to a 4-year old who's heard English for approximately 10 months has not been going well, however. She just keeps saying "No shots! No shots!"

Just trust us, Lily Kay...this is a good thing, baby!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, how much fun to see you and the girls in WalMart...and to consider the journey you and I have taken together in the past 7 years....God is soooooo good.

    Praying for Daniel with fervency, dear Sister.

    Love, love, love the retro photo of you and Jas.

    Josie-Tatum says she likes the present better.

    It is an awesome photo your mother took.

    And, love to the STretches!



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