Almost to "Any day now..."

I've been nesting in a bad way lately.

When I'm down on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor...oh yeah, I'm nesting.

Inside the house I'm on another organizing and de-cluttering rampage.

Nesting activities have spilled outside this week also, since it's been so nice, including pulling out 6 of the 9 boxwoods that line our front porch, pruning everything we didn't uproot, scrubbing every Little Tikes I could get my hands on in our front and back yards (including the picnic table, the outdoor organizer, the cozy coupe, etc...)

And - unless Jas talks me out of it - I'm this close to converting us to a Family Closet.

What has brought on this flurry of nesting?

We've finished our part of the domestic adoption process - our profile book.

And our homestudy is now being reviewed, which means it's only a day (or few days) away from being approved.

Which means? We are only days away from being at the "We could receive a call any day now" stage!

Which also means? We could get that call a week from now....or a year or two from now.

Ask me how hard that is for this self-confessed Anal Retentive Queen of Planning.

It is very hard...until I pull my bubble back to center and remember this one very important fact: God has this.

He's got a plan - a good plan (Jer. 29:11)

Because we love Him, He's working all things for our good (Romans 8:28)

At the perfect time, He will be knitting our next precious child together in his mother's womb (Psalm 139:13)

And in His perfect timing, He will lead this woman who feels she cannot raise this child herself, to make the difficult yet brave choice to deliver this baby and make an adoption plan for him.

And in His perfect timing, He will connect this woman with our profile book and she will - inexplicably - look it over and think "This crazy family...this crazy family is exactly where I want my child to be a raised!"

And in a move that I still cannot fathom, He will allow us to once again be a part of providing a loving home to a child that is needing just that.

And in a way that still boggles my mind...we will love that child with a love that I never knew was possible before becoming a mother.

And out of pain and tears...He will bring love and beauty...and more tears.

I'm resting in the fact that it will all happen in His perfect timing. He loves us. He knows everything. And while I only see my little part...He sees the big picture and knows best.

How could I not trust Him and His timing?

Now remind me of that when I start to get impatient....


  1. It's so exciting to hear a little one may be joining you soon...yet, scary if it takes a long while. Prayers for your back if God's timing means an extended "nesting" period :) LOL! Blessings, Jennifer

  2. Joli,
    I was just telling someone about your family the other day, we were talking about how cool it was that you guys were bringing another beautiful color into your rainbow family. I love seeing transracial families because it always reminds me that this is what Heaven will be like. I can't wait! I'll be praying even more for you as you nest and prepare. If you run out of things to scrubb and clean . . . let me know :)

  3. Chills! Beautifully said and I'm so happy and excited for your family!



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