Gabriel's Happy Place

I so wish I had a photo to accompany this post.

Background: Like most other babies, Gabriel has always loved bright lights.  And he's always been fascinated by ceiling fans, especially if they're actually moving...

So, the seven of us trekked to Lowe's - I'm sure the first of many such trips as we begin work on our new home.

Jas and Gabriel and I had parked ourselves and our buggy near the front of the store for a few minutes (waiting for two children to come out of each of the restrooms).  Jas and I were busy plotting/planning/strategizing...when all of a sudden I caught the look on Gabriel's face.

Sheer delight.

Utter contentment.

He had the sweetest, biggest, most serene smile on his precious lips...while his unblinking eyes were completely transfixed on...something.

I turned around to see what had his total and complete enraptured attention.

Whaddya know?  Gabriel was staring straight at his idea of Heaven-on-Earth: The large section of Lowe's dedicated to displaying bright lights and swiftly whirring ceiling fans...every one of them blazing and whirring away in all its glory.  

The children did not understand why mama and daddy were laughing so hard when they came back out of the bathrooms!

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