Pals, A Pig...and a Pacemaker

We had an Electrophysiologist appointment for Noah this afternoon.  Fun?  Not ordinarily, but the way we do appointments down south of us...yes!  Many times appointments down there mean that we get to visit with our dear friends, the S family.

Here is the best group picture I captured of the children today:  

Impressive, no?

And it's only 7 of our 9 kiddos (Melissa and I were each holding our youngest children).

Where were we headed?

Right when we got out of the Silver Bullet this morning we had to run down the street a ways to see...

...the wild boar that had been captured.  This is the 13th that has been trapped recently in their neighborhood.  The deer that come up to the S family's back yard are peaceful and beautiful...and safe.  These wild boars?  Not so much.

We got quite an education from the two men that were there to "relocate" the boar.  They thought this boar - who happened to be spittin' mad, btw - was at least 200 pounds.

After the boar excitement, we headed inside to play...and talk.  It's always a close contest to see who has more fun with their pals...me or my kiddos.  The Lord used Melissa to speak wisdom and encouragement to me (again) today.  I sure do love and appreciate you, friend!

LK, Gabriel and Aaron (see his arm!) playing in their rocket.

Many times when we get together I forget to snap any pictures...I'm usually too busy talking with Melissa to even think about taking pictures.  But I did much better documenting our time today - yay!

Here is Elisabeth with the S family's newest addition, Mr. Callan.  He's been home 10 weeks now...

...and he was very excited about his Rice Krispie treat (almost as excited as I was about them....don't ask my kiddos how many I ate.)

The rest of the S children continue to be as enthralled with Gabriel as my children.  They are so cute with him..and so good with him.

Aaron and Gabriel

Gabriel and Neeleigh

Gabriel and Natalie
Now to the "Pacemaker" part of the post...(But I left the camera in the van, so you'll have to take my word for it that the rest of this happened)

After an EKG and some time with their computer "talking" with Noah's pacemaker, Noah's team said that everything looks good.  I was able - thankfully - to tell Dr. B that after he made those adjustments to Noah's pacemaker at the last appointment, we haven't had any repeats of the unsettling episodes that Noah was experiencing.  Thank you, Lord!

So, almost 11 hours after we pulled out of our driveway this morning, we pulled back in.  And a good time was had by all.

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