I am hereby officially withdrawing the schedule that I recorded for Gabriel on Monday in his 7-mo. post.

That is what I get for putting that info out there in the blogosphere.  Someone must have told Gabriel how nice and helpful it was that he adhered to such a consistent schedule.


We haven't had a day that looks anything like that schedule since I posted it.  Now, the day that we were gone for 11 hours, I can understand.  He took two (rather short) naps on me in the Ergo that day: one at the S family's house, one during Noah's appointment.

But all the other days?  When we've just been here at the house?

He has laughed in my face at my attempts to have some sort of schedule.  Actually, I should say: he's cried in my face.

He's woken up earlier every morning, most of the time even before 8 a.m.  Very different than me having to wake him up at 9 a.m.

And then yesterday he took his longer nap (2 hours) in the morning.  Wha? And then was awake (except for a  30-min catnap) from noon until about 9:30 p.m.  Whaaaaa?

BUT, as it turned out, a longer morning nap actually worked better with our homeschooling schedule, where we're trying to get the majority knocked out in the morning hours.

AND?  He actually slept through the night last night.  No eating.  Not even a diaper-change-then-right-back-down.

So?  Again, I'm learning to be flexible.  Not trying to impose my preconceived notions of How-Everything-In-The-World-Needs-To-Run.

Because, sometimes (ha!)...I don't know best.

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