Have Ergo, Will Cook

Little Big Man has had a boogey nose for the past few days...presumably from more pearly whites trying to push their way through.  When I was needing to get supper ready a couple nights ago I could tell he really needed me to hold him.  What's a mama to do?  Ergo to the rescue!

Heretofore I had only worn him in the front...but that wasn't going to work while I was standing at the stove over hot pots and pans.  So, we tried the back position for the very first time...and it worked great!

All of these photos were taken by our resident photographer, Elisabeth...to document her baby brother's first time riding in this position in the ergo.

She's a very prolific photographer.  She took about 30 or so pictures in this session...most of which I'm entirely too proud to share.  (Wow, I make some weird faces!)

Why, yes, Gabriel does like to chew on the Ergo strap...how did you know?!?

But Elisabeth wasn't content just taking pics of G man in the ergo.  Oh no, she had to wander around and document everything that was going on in the house at this particular time.

For instance, for supper we had Salmon with Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce (still our very favorite way to get our Omega-3s!)...

....with peas...

...and Brown Rice and Lentil Casserole (not pictured), and a smoothie.

(Smoothie:  Kefir, bananas, blueberries, soaked almonds, flax seed, cinnamon, ice = Yummy!)

Then she wandered into the family room...

...and snapped these pics of her other younger siblings, and I have no idea how Noah escaped her attention!

And another thing she didn't document with the camera:  shortly after the above pictures, Gabriel fell peacefully asleep in the Ergo.

Have I mentioned how much I love our Ergo???

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