My Poor Babies

Elisabeth, Noah and Lily Kay are sick.  Upper respiratory gunk...and LK also has an ear infection.

Elisabeth and Noah are a little puny acting...but they perk up some until they remember they aren't supposed to feel good.

But LK is in a bad way.  She has slept all. day. - even in the waiting room at Convenient Care.  Her fever reached 104.  She hasn't had one bite to eat all day.  What she has had to drink, she's thrown back up.

She's fitfully resting in our bed right now.

I want all my babies to feel better quick.


  1. I want them to feel better really soon, too! Praying for them!

  2. Aww, this is such a sad picture! Praying for all of you and especially for Miss LK. Breaks my heart to see my lil' friend so sick! Hoping you are all better tomorrow! Much love!

  3. Oh no!!! Praying you guys are better soon!!!



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