I have no idea what to title this post.

I'm thankful.  I'm traumatized.  I'm shocked.  I'm relieved.

Not long after I posted yesterday about Elisabeth, Noah and Lily Kay being sick, Lily Kay had a seizure.

Even though we had reason to believe it was a febrile seizure, Lily Kay's adrenal problems complicate things.  She seized for about 20 seconds, and then was unresponsive.  We called 911 and then Jas gave her her emergency shot that we carry with us everywhere, to stop her from going into an adrenal crisis.

I rode in the ambulance with her to the hospital...and that was the longest, scariest ride of my life.  The EMT told me on the ride that children who have febrile seizures come around after about 10-15 minutes.  Jas waited for my parents to show up to stay with the other 4 children, and then he came on to the hospital also.

Long story short: Lily Kay went in and out of consciousness for two hours, and even when her eyes were open, she was most definitely not "there."  I've never been more scared in my life.

In the ER they ran blood tests, gave her IV fluids, zofran for nausea, and an antibiotic for her elevated white blood cell count.  Her temp was 105 when we got there.

About 3 hours after we arrived at the ER, she spoke a little more and actually smiled.  Oh, that smile was such a beautiful sight.  And then she was able to start drinking some juice/pedialyte mixture and was able to keep it down.

Our little hospital is not accustomed to handling patients with LK's adrenal issue, but they took very good care of her.  We had a typed instruction sheet from our endocrinologist's office addressed to Emergency care workers for just such a situation.  It instructed them what special steps should be taken with a patient such as Lily Kay.  We were also in contact with LK's endocrinologist's office (which is in a different state) to ensure that nothing was being overlooked.  It wasn't.

About 4 hours after we arrived, the doctor allowed us to bring LK home.

I would be very glad to not ever repeat anything like that ever again in my life...thankyouverymuch.

Our friends have taken such good care of us, with texts, calls, sitting with us in the ER, and bringing us food (thank you, Lynn!).  I have felt the hands and feet of Christ at work in the past 24 hours and feel very blessed.

And I am reminded - once again - that we shouldn't take anything for granted.  Not one day, not one minute that we have here on earth, or that we have with our precious children.  I am truly grateful to the Lord.

And today?  Lily Kay doesn't remember one bit of anything that happened last night...and I'm grateful for that also.


  1. We prayed for sweet Lily Kay last night. Leighanne and Hannah prayed prayers that I know made God smile when He heard them. AND we are so glad to hear that she is doing good!

  2. Thank you Jesus that she is better!!!! Will continue to pray.

  3. OH MY! I can't imagine.
    I'm just thankful there is a good ending to the story....as I was reading through your post my heart just yearned to be close enough to come and serve you.
    Hang in there...just REST today and enjoy all your kiddos.
    Seizures are just scary.

  4. So glad everything turned out ok. We were praying for you all!!

  5. I am so sorry to hear about this. I am just now getting updated. Glad to hear she is doing better, but will definitely be praying.I know how scarey those rides are...NEVER want to take one of those again myself or with a loved one.



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