Thank you for your messages and calls checking on Lily Kay...we very much appreciate it.

She is doing better, and it does this mama's heart so good.  I keep looking at her and thinking "2 days ago you were...", etc.  I'm glad it is behind us.

I keep analyzing and second-guessing everything about Saturday:  I should have known how bad she was getting.  I should have realized that her lethargy was more serious than just being tired. I should have realized that she was beginning to show symptoms of adrenal crisis.  We should have given her more "white messin'"...and perhaps could have avoided the emergency shot...and maybe the Emergency room.  If only....

I know it is not helpful to think this way.


Maybe it is.  I feel like we learned much on Saturday.  And we won't let those lessons be for naught.  Lily Kay **seems** as healthy as a horse.  Her strong and sturdy precious little body is the body of an athlete - and anyone who sees her in action says "She must be a swimmer" "...a gymnast", etc.  We've read and known how serious her adrenal issue is.  But now we know.  Really know.  I'm sorry that knowledge comes at the cost of those experiences on Saturday...but I praise Him that the cost wasn't higher than it was.

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