Lily Kay's BIG Day

Two events converged on Friday.

Events that, even on their own, would have made. Lily Kay's. day.

BUT...they happened together. On the same day. To say she was beside herself would be an understatement.

She'd had a count-down for days. I finally had to tell her on Thursday that she was not allowed to talk about them anymore. I'd finally had enough. (I know: mean mama)

First, it was LK's turn for "Friday Breakfast with Daddy." She knew where she wanted them to go eat...and she had her clothes picked out and waiting in a sweet little pile on Thursday night.

When I went back to the girl's room to get her at 6:30 a.m....she was sound asleep.

I got a "before" picture once I had her in our room, because I knew she'd make a quick transition...

...and she did!
Just a few minutes after that rumpled up picture she was ready to go eat breakfast with her daddy (even though he appeared to still be half asleep).

Daddy was so hungry he almost started nibbling on Lily Kay!

The second earth-shattering event that happened to Lily Kay on Friday (and not only to LK, but to the rest of us too, thankfully) was that our dear friends, the S Family, drove up to spend the day with us! WOOHOO!

We usually drive down to see the S Family, and combine it with doctor's appointments in their city. But - praise the Lord - we don't have any doctor appointments scheduled for several more months....too long to wait to see our friends! SO, they hauled off and came to visit us!

Melissa and I are usually so busy talking the entire time that most times we're together I forget to get any pictures whatsoever. But today I purposed that I was going to get some pictures.

I got two.

And neither one of them includes all of our 7 precious China cuties.

I snapped this one as they were loading up to leave, and it is pretty good...except that we're missing lil Mr. Aaron (5 y.o.), who was simply done.

We originally met Rick and Melissa eons ago before either of us had any children. Both our family pictures have continually changed since then...and are (praise you, Lord!) both in the process of changing again right now. You can see their precious Callan (waiting for them in China) on their blog sidebar.

When we part ways with the S Family, it always makes it easier if we at least know when we will get to see them again. Thankfully, it is only 4 weeks until our annual Chinese New Year celebration when we'll get to see our precious friends again!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Oh your kiddos are just adorable!! I'm going to have to start "lurking" on your blog now (I found you through Ni Hao)! :) What a wonderful "tradition" your husband has with Friday breakfasts! I love it! I'm going to have to suggest that one to my husband!

  2. So nice to get together with friends and let the kids play. We are so looking forward to our CNY party with our group of China Adoptive families too.

  3. So many smiles and happy faces from so many beautiful children!



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