Lily Kay's 1st "Breakfast Out with Daddy"

It was finally Lily Kay Zibing's turn to have breakfast with Daddy. It was the day that she'd been waiting for, breathlessly, for weeks...

Nah, just kidding...she had absolutely no idea it was coming!

And even though I woke her up from a deep sleep at 6:30 a.m.... and it was pitch black out still... and she had NO idea what was going on...it took this girl about 30 seconds flat to be smiley and happy!

Oh, how we love this girl!

And she skipped off into the carport, holding daddy's hand, singing and calling back to me, "See you ledder!"

She still didn't know what was really going on, but she was holding her beloved daddy's hand (and she did understand that they were about to eat)...and that was all she needed to know.


  1. Playing a little friends' blog catch up....
    I love it that Lily Kay has more eneryg...and I love that smile....and what was the "beaver" in Daniel's throat...and who did you end up marring?

  2. Hey Robbie!
    I love it that LK has more energy too...most of the time. And I too love that smile, all of the time. And Daniel meant he had a "fever"...I was wondering if that would make sense to everyone!



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