Sophie and Will are HOME!

I mentioned here that my precious friend Vicki has been in China adopting their 2nd AND 3rd cuties from China.

Well....they finally got home Thursday. And there was NO WAY we were going to miss meeting them at the airport!

So Amy and Kami and I loaded up our children and headed down to the airport. There was 10 of us in the "Big Van" (as my children refer to it). Have I mentioned lately how much I love my "Big Van"???

Waiting - not so patiently - for our new friends to arrive

Precious Sophie, who just turned 4 a few weeks ago...

....meeting her "Mimi" for the first time ever!

And now back in the oh-so-comforting arms of her mama:

While Sophie's personality is pretty reserved right now, not so with Mr. Will (he'll turn 4 in February)....

...he is a little pistol!
The children has so much fun talking with him. Whatever they said, he'd parrot back to them: "Hey Will!", "Hey Will!". "Hi, Y'all!", "Hi, Y'all!". So. precious.

And Elisabeth could not have been more happy when Miss Sophie let her hold her hand on the way down to baggage claim:

Miss Ava Laurence is adapting great....

...and is already such a good big sister!

My kids have already asked umpteen million times: "When are we going to go play with the R family???"

To tell you the truth: I'm about to bust myself!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. So glad to be home! You all were a sight for sore eyes when we stepped off that plane and we couldn't have asked for a better homecoming. Also thrilled that you were able to document the moment....I'm going to have to get with you to see about getting some photos! Love you so much!

  2. Welcome home Mrs. V! Can't wait to meet the newest US citizens in the area!! The most adorable t-shirts too!! Great photos!!



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